short : Pointless workbench mucker-upper ;-) author : GMH8S uploader : Gareth Griffiths type : util/wb architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 23.91K Date : 24-Aug-99 Download : 💾
WBTrash, the definitive Workbench Screen corruption tool ;) Ever wanted to totally obliterate your Workbench screen, for whatever reason? If yes, then download WBTrash now! Then, every time you get the urge, simply run the program, and watch your Workbench Screen squirm in horror as it is overtaken by various forms of destruction.. This program can be run from Workbench, but there is no point, cos it accepts CLI parameters only ;-) Type 'WBTrash' in a CLI to get a list of params. There are three methods of destruction: Dots - simply fills the screen with random coloured dots. Balls - (and the same to you sir ;) Just plonks a load of circles on it. Squares - (they're crispy, no crunchy ;) Draws squares all over the place. Just press ESC to return your WB to normal! FEATURES: - Supports Version command. - Supports $POO command (C)199x Gareth 'Gaz' Murfin * - Totally system-friendly (well, except to the WB screen ;) - THREE methods of WB destruction. - Has a groovy icon ;) - easy to use - quite fast (altho not very ;) - Restores WB EXACTLY as it started off. * Although there are rumours goin' around that this was just a rehash of the C= Version command, with bits hex-edited here and there. -- hAVE fUN GMH8S The G----- M----- H8 S------ ;)
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