short : Copies icons from one to another via AppWindow author : (Dominic Clifton, Hydra^cP!) uploader : dom dsltd force9 co uk type : util/wb version : 1.0 requires : OS 3.0 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 46.11K Date : 16-Jul-98 Download : 💾
/X name: cP!-UNI1.LHA Introduction ============ I've been using magic workbench for ages and I`ve found it be be a very nice looking system. But it does kinda look abit outdated these days compared to other operating systems. So I had a look round to see what other icon collections were out there and I found the rather great "NewIcons" collection. I installed it and it`s great. Only one problem though. With magic workbench you get a really neat utility called "IconUpdate" You basically drop an icon to it, then drop another icon onto it and it copies the image from the first icon to the seconds one. Great! It has a few problems though, these are: 1) does not support copying newicons 2) if the destination file does not have a .info it does not work. 3) If you want to update a load of icons you have to keep dragging and dropping the first icon and the destination icon for each of the icons you wish to update NewIcons comes with a command line program to copy a newicon image from one icon to another but it's a CLI based program. I also found another utility that copies the normal icon and the newicon from one icon to another but that too was CLI based. I wanted the functionality of the two Cli programs but with the userfriendlyness of UpdateIcon but without it's limitations. Here's where my program comes in! With this program you can drag an icon into the "Source" box, then drag one or more icons (at a time or individually) to the "Dest" box and using the check boxes to the right control what images are copied from from the source icon (Normal and/or NewIcon). The Author ========== UpdateNewIcon was written by Dominic Clifton - Deluxe Software Ltd, Alias Hydra^cP! ex LSD and dAT (CRoSS POiNT is my new scene group as of March 1998!) E-Mail: Mail: Deluxe Software Ltd, 9 Shires Copse, Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset BH6 4AL. ENGLAND Phone: +44 (0)973 524877 (Anytime up till 10:00pm) Modem: +44 (0)1202 offline for the mo WWW: Greets ====== It'd like to thank the following people: Cruise! Zoltrix Mr Ned [RUiNER] Saint ShuMart Radiosity All CRoSS POiNT members All LSD and Ex DataDivision members And YOU the user for actually reading this bit :-) File_ID.DIZ =========== ___·L __ ___ ___ ___ __ __ ___ ___` /___¡ /_ ¡ _ ¡ _ ¡ _ ¡ /_¡ /_¡ _ ¡ _ ¡¯¡ | _/. | `-! |-| ' !-- !-- ! __| ' ! ! T ! ` | T`-----' `-------------' `-------!_.---'T | UpdateNewIcon - by Hydra^cP! | | | |Kewl workbench utility to copy newicons| |or normal ones from one icon to another| +---------------------------------------+
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