short : ToolManager 2.1 (sources/support files) author : Stefan Becker uploader : padrino magicmenu de (Mario 'padrino' Cattaneo) type : util/wb version : 2.1 architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 279.67K Date : 27-Apr-18 Download : 💾
*** Note *** This is an older version than the latest V3. Only use this version if you are unhappy with V3. V2 is different, some say less powerful than V3, but it's a version, that evolved over time and might work better for you than the V3 re-write. This is a re-upload because the archives seem to have vanished from Aminet. -- from the original/old readme: DESCRIPTION ToolManager is a full featured program for either Workbench or CLI tool management. Includes the ability to add menu items to the 2.x "Tools" menu, add Workbench icons or dock windows. The configuration is based on a object-oriented concept and handled by a preferences program. ToolManager supports ARexx, localization, networking and sound. NEW FEATURES Changes since version 2.0: - New Exec object types: Dock, Hot Key, Network - New Dock object flags: Backdrop, Sticky - New object type: Access - Network support - Editor main window is now an AppWindow - Gadget keyboard shortcuts in the preferences editor - New tooltypes for the preferences editor - Several bug fixes - Enhanced documentation SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS Needs OS 2.04 or higher. Localization requires OS 2.1 or higher. Harddisk is recommended for unpacking the complete distribution. HOST NAMES [] /pub/aminet/os20/utils [] /pub/amiga/utilities and of course all AmiNet mirrors... FILE NAMES ToolManager2_1bin.lha - Binaries and Documentation (ASCII, AmigaGuide, TeX) ToolManager2_1gfx.lha - Anims, Brushes and Icons ToolManager2_1src.lha - Source code and Programmer support files PRICE ToolManager 2.1 is GiftWare. Recommended donation is US $10-$20 or 10-20DM. DISTRIBUTABILITY Freely Distributable, (c) 1990-93 Stefan Becker
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