short : Color values as hex/dec/... (MUI, +src) author : r-tea amiga pl (Artur r-tea Ostrowski) uploader : r-tea amiga pl (Artur r-tea Ostrowski) type : util/wb version : 1.1 requires : MUI 3.8+, at least 16 col WB screen, Newicons architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 895.49K Date : 18-Jun-18 Download : 💾
I used to code simple HTML docs in CygnusED from time to time. And each time I lacked something to adjust a colour and get its values or name easily and quickly. This is why I finally decided to write this tiny tool. Hexaco 1.1 needs MUI 3.8+ and no longer needs Lamp.mcc. On ECS/AGA machines it needs at least 16 colour Workbench to get the colorfield activated otherwise it will show up blank. In case the colorfield doesn't work anyway: - turn off Workbench backgrounds (desktop/windows) - disable patches like FullPalette, ColourLock etc. Still doesn't work? Then create a new (min. 4 bit) screen in MUI preferences for Hexaco. *** It's very rough, early version thus it may cause unexpected issues *** ___QUICK DESCRIPTION OF WINDOW CONTENTS___ Cycle gadget: -hex: hexadecimal representation of RGB colour values #RRGGBB (mostly used in HTML) -dec: decimal representation of RGB colour values R,G,B -bin: binary representation of RGB colour values %RRRRRRRR,%GGGGGGGG, %BBBBBBBB "bits": visual representation of RGB colour values (simply helps to imagine how bytes look like). Click it or hit ENTER/numericpad ENTER to change the state of a lamp. "HTML name": the HTML name of chosen colour (if exists). You can enter a name or select one from the popup list. "CtC" buttons: copy content of Text field to Clipboard (Copy to Clipboard) ___KEYBOARD USAGE___ - [AROOW UP/DOWN or ARROW LEFT/RIGHT] adjust sliders or knobs - [TAB] and [RShift+TAB] cycle through all window content - [ENTER] confirm list item / open cycle gadget / press button - [ENTER numeric pad] turn on/off a lamp - [C] to copy hex/dec/bin content to Clipboard - [Shift+C] to copy HTML name to Clipboard ___GUI SETTINGS VIA TOOLTYPES OR CLI/SHELL___ S Switch parameter. If exists then switches on. If doesn't - switches off. K keyword parameter. Requires a value, for example: KEYWORD=10 - HTMLS: appends HTML name text field - BITSS: appends lamps group - KNOBSS: changes sliders to knobs - RGBLEFTS: moves colour sliders from right side to left - HEXPREFIXK: defines a prefix of hexadecimal value: # or $ or 0x Example: HEXPREFIX=0x. Prefix # is default. Type Hexaco ? in Shell/CLI for parameters description. Program was written in AmigaE and compiled with EC 3.3a (AmigaOS/m68k). Source with some coments included. Praogram was created and compiled under MorphOS 3.10. Tested on MorphOS 3.10, AmigaOS 3.1 m68k and AmigaOS 4.1. NOTE! This is not good exapmle of building proper MUI application. In fact this is the worst example of it :-) I used hooks instead of subclassing. This is the easiest way for "sunday programmers" but remember: the worst way to buid a serious MUI application, thus consider it as an example for very beginners. Feel free to distribute the source code, share with it, do any changes as well as copy all or parts of it. Just play with it and see how brilliant is MUI :-) Please, let me know if you found it useful in any way, either if you have any suggestions or comments. Would be nice to receive a grab of Hexaco's window with your MUI's favourite prefs :-) For those beginners who want to play with my lame code :-) To compile the source just execute the compiler EC pointing the source code. I.e.: ec ram:hexaco.e AmigaE's author: Wouter van Oortmerssen MUI's author: Stefan Stuntz. Further developing by MorphOS Team. StringEdit.m (E-Developer-Pack.lha) author: Daniel Westerberg alias Deniil The default two state icon I have painted in PersonalPaint and merged with SaveNewIcon Arexx script (pp2ni.lha) created by Eric van Velthooven. A big bunch of thankyous go to very patient Damien Stewart and other guys from AmigaE Mailing List at Thanks to Norbert for OS3.1 testing and enhancing the default icon. Thanks to Phibrizzo for patiently testing on OS3.1. Versions / Changelog: 0.9.1: (5/04/2017) - firs public release; 0.9.5: (24/04/2017) public - (new) added GUI configuration via icon ToolTypes - (fix) very bad crash on AmigaOS4.x - all String gadgets changed to Text gadgets 1.0 (19/07/2017) - Hex, Dec and Bin String fields are grouped together into one field. The function of field is switched by cycle gadget. - (new) keyboard handling of the whole GUI - (new) sliders can be changed to knobs - (new) Workbench top bar displays Hexaco's application info - (new) Shell/CLI support - (new) "?" Shell/CLI parameter displays help - (fix) HTML name field refuses uppercase input - pop up list keyboard handling much improved 1.1 (15/05/2018) - Colorfield.mui instead of Lamp.mcc for "bits:" - (new) "bits:" became interactive - (new) configurable prefix of hex number: HEXPREFIX=#|$|0x (suggested by Lazi) 1.1 (16/06/2018) - no longer needs icon.library v40+ (suggested by Krashan) - (fix) hex/dec/bin and html string fields do not take their content (reported by SZAMAN) - added a few more comments in source code
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