short : Make Assigns, start programs etc. from WB author : Francesco Agnoli type : util/wb version : 1.0 requires : OS3 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 2.10K Date : 30-Jan-97 Download : 💾
Introduction ============ With WbAssign you can make all asigns you need (also ASSIGN ADD and ASSIGN ... DEFER) with one little program. You can also start programs or ARexx-scripts. All you need is to enter your assign-list and program names as tooltypes in the WbAssign's icon file. Installation ============ Put WbAssign and in your wbstartup drawer (if you want to start WbAssign automatically) or elsewhere (in this case you must run WbAssign with a double-click on its icon). WbAssign can be started only from the Workbench. You need OS 3.0+ (maybe it runs also under 2.0, but I didn't test it). Usage ===== Use the Workbench-Menu "Information" to enter tooltypes for the WbAssign icon. There are following options: Format Example shell command ------------------------------------------------------------------ ASN== ASN=tmp=hd1:work assign tmp: hd1:work ADD== ASN=libs=mui:libs assign ADD libs: mui:libs ASL== ASN=tmp=ram: assign tmp: ram: DEFER RUN= RUN=newshell newshell RXX= RXX=script.rexx rx script.rexx WAI= WAI=5 wait 5 ; ;This is a comment Do not use blanks within the command line. Copyright ========= WbAssign is MAILWARE. If you like and use this program you should send me an email or a postcard. Autor ===== E-Mail: Address: Francesco Agnoli Schabs Nr. 143 I-39040 NATZ-SCHABS (South Tyrol - Italy)
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