short : Amiga Persian Clock (Solar Hejri Date) author : (Hossein Shirdashtzadeh) uploader : Shirdash www dci co ir (Hossein Shirdashtzadeh) type : util/time architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 30.30K Date : 22-Mar-00 Download : 💾
In the name of God ------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is a Parsi clock for Amiga. I hope to be useful for all Iranian Amiga guys. Note: * You MUST be familiar with Persian letters and numbers. * It should run on OS 2+ and needs utility.library. Thanks goes to Dr. D. Asefi who helped me to have a good algorithm converting Christian dates to Solar ones. Let me know your notes on the matter, and best wishes. Hossein Shirdashtzadeh 1378 ------------------------------------------------------------------- How to install: ------------------ Easy! only copy the contents of the fonts drawer in the archive to your Fonts: assign and prepare (or check) then latest versions of the libs indicated in a text file at libs drawer of the archive. ------------------------------------------------------------------- How it works: ------------------ I think thats very easy to understand ;) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright matters: ------------------ (c) 1999-2000, All rights reserved for Hossein Shirdashtzadeh. *** Please run it at your own RISK! *** You are free to spread this archive while the contents are intact and should not be sold or purchased by any one. Please have a look at my jvp (Jey Visual Pascal) on the aminet (dev/lang) and send me a mail that indicates your interest in JVP. Also if you feel the need to support other languages let me know. Email: Or send me by snail to the following address: No. 132, Kerdabad, Jey st., Isfahan, Iran Zip code: 81599
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