short : Users claim: Best Amiga clock program author : Karl Lukas uploader : padrino magicmenu de (Mario 'padrino' Cattaneo) type : util/time architecture : m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4 Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 42.02K Date : 6-May-18 Download : 💾
*** NOTE *** This is an preservation upload to aminet. It is *not* related to util/time/dclock2_0.lha *** END OF NOTE *** Original readme follows: NEW FOR VERSION 1.6 Iconify function Support of public screens via tooltypes Date ( or mm.dd.yyy) and time formats (24h or am/pm) can now be toggled independantly New icon DESCRIPTION DClock is a digital clock program for the Amiga Workbench. Features include: - DClock has it's own small window which can be placed anywhere on the Workbench screen. - DClock comes with a completely menu-driven GUI. No commandline options are necessary. - Timer and alarm clock function with the ability to run user-defined Shell commands (including ARexx- scripts if you use the RX command, and Shell-scripts). - Date function - Fore- and background colors of the window are user- defineable. - All settings can be saved and will automatically be loaded upon startup. This includes the position of the DClock window, the colors, and the settings of the alarm clock. - Iconify function REQUIREMENTS o Any Amiga with KS 2.04+ o reqtools.library V38+ (not part of this distribution) DClock makes use of the reqtools.library, which is not part of this distribution. It is available on Aminet or on the Amiga software library (fish) disks. Thanks to Nico Francois for his great product.
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