short : Measures time you've spent with Amiga author : (Karol Bryd) uploader : kbryd kki net pl (Karol Bryd) type : util/time version : 1.20 (98-Apr-05) replaces : util/time/2b_DailyUp.lha requires : 3.0+, MUI architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 112.61K Date : 19-Jun-98 Download : 💾
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is still version 1.20 - if you have downloaded it before you don't have to do it now (unless you are an Italian) becouse the only difference is the latest version of an Italian documentation (the Italian locales in previous version weren't finished and this was my fault). Marco De Vitis and Francesco Leoni forgive me! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Becouse I have forgotten to include this file with the first upload of DailyUp so I am doing it now. ATO members please execuse! These are people whom I would like to thank for their work: Italian: Translator: Marco De Vitis Proofreader: Francesco Leoni Swedish: Translator: Linus Silvander Croatian: Translator: Mladen Ili¹inoviê Czech: Translator: Vit Sindlar Deutsche: Translator: Christian Britz Proofreader: Soenke Tesch English: Translator: Marcin Orlowski ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Find out how much time you spend with your Amiga! STATUS: MailWare NOTE: This program measures uptime of your computer. Thanks to this, you would be able to find out, how much time you spend with your Amiga. But that's not all! Program can visualise log files using one of three available kinds of graphs, offers nice GUI and many other features. Give it a try! FEATURES: o supports Multiuser filesystem o three types of scalable graphs o plain text log file o ability to print out text logs o easy to install and use o localised, presently in Italy, English, Czech and Polish o written in C (compiled with SAS C 6.58) - system compatible o uses MUI - the best GUI system ever made o came from Poland
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