short : LowLevel.library 4-player patch (+src) author : Szilard Biro uploader : col lawrence gmail com (Szilard Biro) type : util/misc version : 1.0 requires : lowlevel.library architecture : m68k-amigaos >= 3.1.0 kurz : LowLevel.library 4-Spieler Patch Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 5.32K Date : 2-Oct-18 Download : 💾
This patch is meant to simplify the programming of the parallel port 4-player adapter, by mapping it to port 2 and 3 of LowLevel.library that are normally unused. It patches the ReadJoyPort() and SetJoyPortAttrsA() functions. The latter is simply a wrapper around the original function that always returns success for ports 2 and 3. Installation: Copy "ll4player" into the C: drawer, and add the following line to your Startup-Sequence or User-Startup: C:Run >NIL: C:ll4player The patch takes control of the parallel port, so yo need to remove it before using any other parallel port device (printer, sampler, etc.). To test the patch, you can use the included "llporttest" utility. It simply prints the bitfield for ports 0-3 and interprets them. The source code for both programs is included, which can be compiled with VBCC or GCC.
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