short : A program to raffle things author : jPV^RNO uploader : jpv morphos-user com (jPV^RNO) type : util/misc version : 1.0 architecture : ppc-morphos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 1.75M Date : 7-Oct-18 Download : 💾
ABOUT ----- Raffeli is a simple MUI program to raffle things. Use it to raffle prizes at events or for anything else that needs random results from custom lists, or to shuffle lists into a random order. FEATURES -------- - Individual or several winners can be raffled each round - Can show different pictures that depend on the raffle's final result - Raffling sound effects - Text files can be imported and appended to the entry list - Entry/result lists can be exported as text files - The entry list can be sorted by results - The entry list can be shuffled into a random order INSTALLATION ------------ - Copy the whole directory anywhere you prefer and just launch the program SETTINGS -------- Settings are found in the program's drop-down menu. Sound effects . . . . - Enables sound effects Remember list . . . . - Remembers the previous entry list at program startup Sort automatically . - Moves winners to the top of the list automatically Confirm remove . . . - Requests confirmation if entry removal attempted Show pictures . . . . - Shows pictures next to the entry list Select picture dir . - Asks for a picture directory that should contain files named as 0.* (default pic), 1.*, 2.*, etc. For example, when a winner is raffled, 1.png would be shown, etc.. Cycles . . . . . . . - Sets how many times the list is looped before the indicator stops at the winning position COMMAND LINE OPTIONS AND ICON TOOLTYPES --------------------------------------- Raffeli uses non-standard command line arguments. Arguments must be given in the form of (note the "-" prefix): -argument parameter Allowed arguments: -file . . . . - Imports a text file at startup -defdir
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