short : JFIF picture datatype 44.8 author : (Gunther Nikl), Henryk Richter uploader : henryk richter gmx net (Henryk Richter) type : util/dtype version : 44.8 replaces : util/dtype/JFIFdt44.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos >= 3.0 distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 819.74K Date : 2-Mar-18 Download : 💾
This release of JFIFdt incorporates improvements to the datatype dispatch code alongside with an updated jpeg library. Assembly level optimization has been done in order to improve runtime performance considerably. The datatype is an all-in-one binary for any 68020+ Amiga. - supports normal and progressive JFIFs with all its flavours - supports HAM output (HAM6 as well as HAM8) - switches to V43 mode if a new picture.datatype V43 is found - asynchronous file I/O to speedup image loading and decoding - utilizes WritePixelLine8() for chunky-to-planar in V42 mode - automatic colour quantizing of true-colour data for V42 - can be configured to suit personal preferences - OS 3.5 support - FBlit support - based on libjpeg-turbo - ASM optimizations to Huffman decoding, iDCT and color transform (68020+) - AMMX optimization for Apollo Core Gold 2.7 and later - FPU and AMMX availability is checked before use at runtime - memory saving by automatic scaling of large images (optional, see guide: MAXLENGTH keyword) - full source included
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