short : Get your external IP author : (Sante Nocciolino) uploader : ziosante libero it (Sante Nocciolino) type : util/cli version : 1.3 architecture : m68k-amigaos >= 3.1; ppc-morphos; ppc-amigaos distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 7.78K Date : 21-Sep-18 Download : 💾
WHAT IS IT? A simple program that gets your external IP REQUIREMENTS A working internet connection INSTALLATION Copy GetExtIP to your C: folder USAGE From shell: 1) type GetExtIP 2) to set your env variable you could type something like GetExtIP >ENV:ExternalIP 3) GetExtIP GUI to display a window VERSION HISTORY 1.3 (12-Sep-2018) - added a simple gui 1.2u (22-Aug-2018) - added AmigaOS 4 binary 1.2 (14-Aug-2018) - fixed a bug (wrong buffer size cleaning) - added MorphOS binary 1.1 (10-Aug-2018) - swap to a new stack if the old one is not big enough - added optimized version for 020+ processors 1.0 (07-Ago-2018) - first release
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