short : Keep your time right author : Carsten Larsen ( uploader : Carsten Larsen (carsten larsen mail com) type : util/cdity version : 1.05 architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 191.49K Date : 21-Aug-18 Download : 💾
AmiTimeKeeper is a small program which keeps the time right on your machine. No installation is required. AmiTimeKeeper is operated as an commodity and is controlled by AmigaOS. An AmiTCP compatible TCP/IP stack is required for AmiTimeKeeper to work. AmiTimeKeeper can be configured through a number of settings. This can be done either directly from the command line or by using the tooltypes of an icon. Preferences can also be saved between reboots. Major changes in 1.05 06.08.2018 - Preferences can now be saved from settings window - Running multiple instances no longer create zombie processes - Low water option renamed to threshold and high water option removed - New option for sending log messages to file instead of to screen - Read only options is now applied consistently - Updated icons and documentation (again)
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