short : WBStartup Enhancer (Small update 3.25) author : John Hughes, Simon Tyrrell, Michael Malyshev uploader : Michael Malyshev type : util/boot version : 3.25 replaces : util/boot/WBStartup+UPD.lha requires : icon.library 44+ architecture : m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0 Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 198.83K Date : 6-Jun-18 Download : 💾
This is a small update to WBStartup+ that attempts to fix a few issues with this great Workbench addon. Should not have problems with DOpus5 running in WB replacement mode. Just remember to set USEWBSTART tooltype and have wbstart.library v2.2 installed, may not work with the newer emulation lib unless you have workbench running in the background since it will call WB directly. The preference editor should start now when hotkey is used under DOpus5. Also you will need workbench v44+ if you disable USEWBSTART tooltype And it is highly recommended to install icon.library v46.4.330+ for full icon support under most system conditions. As always have fun with Amiga! PS: If you feel like writing me an e-mail, please put AMIGA as subject line. WARNING! Do not abuse your hardware, I take no responsibility if you brake it! CHANGES ======= v3.25 (31/05/2018) - Using colour patterns on paletted screens with B-bits or less could corrupt pattern colours due to early release of pens if other programs requested pens before the progress window closed. v3.24 (18/04/2018) - Should no longer lock the WB screen if run with disable key pressed on startup, screenmode switching works. v3.23 (24/11/2017) - Background pattern fill now works with AGA, P96 and CGX screens in any depth, previously crashed under P96, but requires a modern picture.datatype to work properly with 24-bit images, 8-bit images should work everywhere - Progress bar is now 1:1, better for modern systems - All icons in GlowIcon style included - Preview image added v3.22 (12/01/2014) - Small compiler warning removed - No longer crashes on NoStartup -> LoadWB, just quits - Prefs editor should work now with DOpus5 and v40
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