short : Extract Microsoft Cabinet (.CAB) archives author : (Stuart Caie), port by uploader uploader : polluks sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal) type : util/arc version : 1.7 architecture : ppc-morphos url : Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 46.50K Date : 1-Aug-18 Download : 💾
cabextract is a program to extract Microsoft Cabinet files. It is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Cabinet (.CAB) files are a form of archive, which Microsoft use to distribute their software, and things like Windows Font Packs. The cabextract program unpacks these files. For more information, see or run the command 'cabextract --help'. Example usage: Extracting files from a cabinet file: $ cabextract Extracting files from an executable which contains a cabinet file: $ cabextract wibble.exe [cabextract will automatically search executables for embedded cabinets] Extracting files from a set of cabinet files;,, ...: $ cabextract [cabextract will automatically get the names of the other files] Extracting files to a directory of your choice (in this case, 'boogie'): $ cabextract -d boogie [cabextract will create the directory if it does not already exist] Listing files from a cabinet file: $ cabextract -l Testing the integrity of a cabinet file, without extracting it: $ cabextract -t
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