short : Fileviewer appicon w/ lha support (OS2+) author : uploader : Thomas Radtke rz uni-osnabrueck de type : util/app architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 8.06K Date : 25-Jan-96 Download : 💾
Overview: --------- This appicon redirects files to multiview (OS3.0+ only) or other viewers. It features additionally a filerequester and lha support, i.e. view contents of a lha archive. Installation: ------------- Move view and to wbstartup. Easy, eh ? The haviest part will be the installation of the NewIcons package (on Aminet of course) to see a real icon, or, second best method, to create your own icon ;). Preparation: ------------ Before you start view, you should set the tooltypes to fit your needs: COMMAND Full path and name of the fileviewer (e.g. sys:utilities/multiview). If you don't have OS3.0+, try to find a viewer that doesn't make use of datatypes. afaik, whatis.library and supporting programs can help (take a look at Aminet). Also, VT is a great viewer if you want to use view only for pics. ICON The image (.info file) for view's application icon. I recommend the icon of multiview, i.e. sys:utilities/multiview (.info must be omitted !) LHA The archiver you wish to use for viewing of .lha archives and the correct options (you might want to use "lha v"). Usage: ------ When you start view, an icon (the appicon) appears on your workbench. The contents of the files of wich you drop its icon on it will be shown by the chosen viewer. If you double click on the icon, a file requester will pop up. To quit view, cancel the filerequester and press on the YEP button of the upcoming requester. The GOMF button will take you back to where you was before. Technical: ---------- View uses asl.library for the filerequester. External programs are executed by dos' Execute(). No I/O filehandles are provided yet, so you will not be bothered with error messages (hey, this is a feature :). This could be changed in the future. To stay that simple, no piping is done, i.e. output of the LHA command is redirected to t:view.tmp and the viewer gets that file to show it. Future: ------- I am working on demand, if you think something is missing in this program, feel free to write me an e-mail. Much better: Do the changes on your own. For this reason, I place this very simple program (incl. source) in the Public Domain. Before you start, ask me for my latest version since I upload updates very rarely. This holds for every projects of mine, of course. Enjoy, Thomas PERMSSN UID GID PACKED SIZE RATIO CRC STAMP NAME ----------------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ------------- rwx------ 0/0 0 0 ****** -lhd- 0000 Jan 24 19:56 view/ rwx------ 0/0 0 0 ****** -lhd- 0000 Jan 24 19:57 view/doc/ rwx------ 0/0 1247 2486 50.1% -lh5- ae2e Jan 24 19:57 view/doc/view.readme rwx------ 0/0 0 0 ****** -lhd- 0000 Jan 24 19:57 view/src/ rwx------ 0/0 1434 4470 32.0% -lh5- 00c7 Jan 24 19:57 view/src/view.c rwx------ 0/0 0 0 ****** -lhd- 0000 Jan 24 19:58 view/wbstartup/ rwx------ 0/0 4221 8680 48.6% -lh5- 3349 Jan 24 19:57 view/wbstartup/view rw------- 0/0 842 2037 41.3% -lh5- 63b1 Jan 24 19:58 view/wbstartup/ ----------------- ------- ------- ------ ---------- ------------ ------------- Total 8 files 7744 17673 43.8% Jan 24 20:04
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