short : Icon replacer with AppWindow author : Jilles Tjoelker uploader : Menno Tjoelker type : util/icon version : 2.0 requires : OS2.04+ (V37+), BGUI V40+ architecture : m68k-amigaos status : freeware Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 11.20K Date : 1-Aug-99 Download : 💾
This is yet another icon replacer, with an AppWindow. To use it, first drag an icon on the "Source" box and then drag the item(s) to get a new icon on the "Destination" box. This program was created because other similar programs had limitations. AppReplaceIcon is nice but uses an AppIcon, which is bound to the Workbench. Another program requires NewIcons, though it does not really need it. Source in E included. New in V2.0: * About button replaced by About option in menu. * Options to copy or not image, type & default tool and tool types. * Sizing gadget removed as it does not have any use. * Reading of tool types added. * File requester to select icons added. Tool types (read from icon whether started from WB or CLI): EQUALWIDTH: make the two areas the same size (yes/no) MAXWIDTH,MAXHEIGHT: maximum size of images shown in the source box COPYIMAGE,COPYTYPE,COPYTOOLTYPES: same options as in the menu (yes/no) DEFDRAWER: default drawer for file requester (default: ENV:Sys)
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