short : View Extract LHA ADF Edit by icon author : Robert Szacki uploader : "Robert Szacki" type : util/app version : 0.2 replaces : util/app/IconAction.lha architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 9.23K Date : 24-Sep-08 Download : 💾
--------------------------------------------------------------- Icon Action --------------------------------------------------------------- This is an AppWindow for Workbench that can operate on icons with just one button like view them with MultiView or extract with LhA, UnZIP, UnLZX, adf2disk, edit with ED. It recognizes files with extension. ----------------------- >> History ----------------------- 0.2 - Recognizes .zip, .lzx and .adf (writes to disk) It can EDIT text files with ED. Console window automatically opened and can be closed. 0.1 - initial release It can VIEW or EXTRACT files. Recognizes .lha archives. ----------------------- >> How to install? ----------------------- Just extract archive to directory you desire. ----------------------- >> Distribution ----------------------- IconAction is mailware. If you use it please drop me a mail. ----------------------- >> Feedback ----------------------- You can reach me at address: Robert Szacki ul. Sulejkowska 35/16 04-129 Warsaw Poland e-mail:
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