short : A data file decruncher author : (Simon Dick) uploader : sidick essex ac uk (Simon Dick) type : util/app architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 43.01K Date : 10-Dec-94 Download : 💾
AppDecrunch is a data file decruncher which brings up an AppIcon on your Workbench screen. AppDecrunch currently supports the following crunchers: P-Compress You don't need any additional library files to be able to decrunch files crunched using this method. CrunchMania To decrunch CrunchMania files, you need to have the CrM.library installed. (supplied) lh.library (I mean that it supports files crunched using LhEncode which was supplied with the package on Fish Disk 436). Obviously you need the lh.library installed to use this. (supplied) PowerPacker To decrunch files crunched using PowerPacker, you need to have powerpacker.library V35 or higher installed. (supplied) Any XPK sublibrary To decrunchfiles crunched using XPK, you must have both xpkmaster.library (supplied) and the appropriate compressor library installed. AppDecrunch also supports the xfdmaster.libary which means that if that is available then you will be able to decrunch an even larger number of files, even executable files.
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