short : Easy creation & upload of AminetReadmes author : Thomas Igracki uploader : Thomas Igracki de type : util/app version : 1.3 requires : dev/hwood/HWP_RapaGUI.lha; architecture : m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; i386-aros distribution : Aminet kurz : Erstellen & hochladen von AminetReadmes Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 68.04K Date : 30-Aug-18 Download : 💾
This little tool allows you to easily write a Aminet Readme file and also upload it to the aminet server! I often forgot which types were possible and what they were used for and the length limitation of the Short-field etc so I needed a tool to help me reminding;) Its written with Hollywood v7.1 ( and compiled as a so called "applet". I decided to distribute only the applet so it can be executed on all platforms which supports the RapaGUI plugin: Windows, Linux (GTK), AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS! You need the Hollywood Player ( to run it! If anyone wants an executeable to be started without the need for the Hollywood Player feel free to ask me and I will send you a compiled version for your favourite OS! If you find bugs or if you have suggestions send me an eMail! History: ======== 29-Aug-2018, V1.3 fix: If you load a readme with the same Type like the current, the SubType wasn't correct 01-Mai-2018, V1.2 - added support to load a readme at startup with "-f", "-r" or "-readme" 28-Apr-2018, V1.1 - I forgot to replace my eMail with the Uploader-eMail as password for the upload;) - ASCII was used as transfermode for both the archive and the readme, it worked anyway;) but now ASCII is used the readme and BINARY for the archive - on Upload, you will be first asked for readme then the archive - added a simple About-Requester 27-Apr-2018, V1.0: first release
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