short : GohuFont - a monospace bitmap font author : Hugo Chargois ( uploader : regj arch-ed dk (Rasmus Edgar) type : text/bfont version : 2.1 architecture : generic distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 40.01K Date : 10-Jan-18 Download : 💾
GohuFont for Classic AmigaOS ----------------------------------------- Gohufont is a monospace bitmap font well suited for programming and terminal use. It is intended to be very legible and offers very discernable glyphs for all characters, including signs and symbols. To install GohuFont on Workbench, copy the GohuFont* directories to Fonts: and run fixfonts. GohuFont Naming and Sizes -------------------------- GohuFont = Regular type GohuFont sizes = 11 14 GohuFontB = Bold type GohuFontB sizes = 11 14 The Unicode versions are not included. GohuFont Sources ----------------- The bdf2amiga output of assembly source is included in the sources folder as well as the patches needed to convert gohufont-11*.bdf with bdf2amiga. The original BDF source can be found here: Amiga Screenshot: GohuFont is released under WTFPL version 2 and a COPYING-LICENSE is included in this archive. 2018-01-08 - Rasmus Edgar ( )
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