short : Additional texture for Extreme author : (DarkAge Software) uploader : lanch mail caribusiness it (Fabrizio Bartoloni) type : pix/textu requires : Extreme (full version) architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 86.04K Date : 29-Jun-99 Download : 💾
This is an additional texture for Extreme. You must have a full version of the program to use it, as "Loading" is disabled in demo mode. Some notes about Extreme 1.50: Extreme is a powerful realtime generator of background effects for video productions. Enjoy a new dimension in the world of videotitling! Tunnels, Waves, Rain effects will be easy and fast to create, with only few clicks of the mouse. It features: - 100% Assembler code; - Fully Multitasking; - Optimized routines for 68020/030 and 68040/060 for best performance on every Amiga; - Realtime calculated effects; - Mixable textures and palettes; - Higly customizable effects; - Pal and Ntsc compatible; - Possibility to save frames as IFF! Readme created with ARC 3.2 - Copyright (c)1996-99 by Jens Weyer.
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