short : Final reward of the wicked author : Rolle) uploader : bahamianart batelnet bs(Harry K Rolle) type : pix/nevil architecture : generic Filetype : image/jpeg Size : 60.00K Date : 31-May-97 Preview : Download : 💾
Neville was born in Nassau Bahamas on July 12,1978,the second son of Bahamian artist Harry K.RolleSr.and Judy Ann(Smith)Rolle.This naturally gifted artist(Neville)specializes in creating computer generated pictures with his Amiga1200,while using Brilliance2.0 and the mouse as the only input. Neville is a freelance artist, and also masters the art of airbrush illustration on T-shirts, and a variety of other surfaces, being self taught in both disciplines, except for the basic introduction by his father,Neville's immediate ambition is to pursue formal training, so that he can maximize his natrual potential,however a contract offer to produce illustrations for some giant software production company or other,would certainly be a dream come true. All images created by Neville may be freely distrbuted and enjoyed with the signature entact, and may not be edited in anyway, without written permission from the artist. For further information, if you would kindly like to assist the artist in his pursuance of further education and the purchase of computer wares,then please send U.S money transfer to: Owner:Neville Rolle Savings Account number:1820 Establishment:ScotiaBank Branch number:70375 CableBeach,Nassau Bahamas Comment: pix/nevil Please don't forget to send your return address. MuchThanks! >Neville _ôQÒÓXå½3t0å±ZIÏÐ iì¬dÖ÷ÝL¡WsBväϬ¯abó5êâ-ÎKs¹èÔ}WÕU¬Ô¤Ë¦­<ÐßT*¢Oåð_p«Æ¡dÊBð­ö£üzMÖØy\°zXÜìpAhC$ _C.C)ÓûcÏ4§Ñü£F± &ÒÝPºqd[;=Ê­[°K|$È3Ü×짮­4óTójýÏ4;ItÛXååsit
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