short : Nice MWB-Dockicons (Cinema4D/Photogenics/ScanQuix...) author : uploader : Andreas Frank lrz fh-muenchen de type : pix/icon architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 10.55K Date : 22-Nov-96 Download : 💾
This Archive contains 6 Icons for use with Toolmanager or a similar program: Cinema 4D - Standard 8 MWB-colours Photogenics - Standard 8 MWB-colours PPaint - NewIcon <- not yet finished [a little bit ugly :-( ] ZIP-Disk - Standard 8 MWB-colours ScanQuix - Standard 8 MWB-colours PhotoCopy - Standard 8 MWB-colours Use them for whatever you want, but don't say you made them! Thanx to Roman Patzner for the handyscanner image (ScanQuix and PhotoCopy) (Hope you don't mind I used it, but I couldn't reach you via EMail, Roman!) Feel free to send me an EMail (adress see above, if it does not work, try "") and/or visit my homepage at: You can send me some banknotes or some gold bars via EMail, too. (or maybe not?)
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