short : RomIcons Game Pack volume 1 author : matrixngc (Frank - Matrix/NGC) uploader : matrixngc free fr (Frank - Matrix/NGC) type : pix/icon requires : an amiga and appropriate system to see them means... architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 396.12K Date : 25-Dec-01 Download : 💾
a ROMIcon palette (16 colors) NewIcon installed on your sys and OS3.5 or better for glow/coloricon This package contains icons for games installed with JST and WHDLoad but also few ones for games not fix yet. They're in several formats and thus collection is split into several archives : - NewIcons (PygmIconsNI_xx) - NewIcons_xtd (PygmIconsNX_xx) - Glow/coloricon (PygmIconsGL_xx) - RomIcons (PygmIconsRI_xx) All NewIcons are not available in Glow form and it's also true on the other side. NewIcons are in 90x90 pixels, GlowIcons in 120x96 pixels. NI_xtd icons are direct conversion of glow/coloricon and were possible using the marvellous Convert35Icons by Rafal Mania. They often use less color than original Glow version due to NewIcon restrictions but it also means you can have nice icons larger than 93x93 even on system lower than 3.5 ! ----- I send my respect to all people behind those pictures i've used to make those icons... Regards to Chris Vella, CFou, Codetapper, DrZarkov, JHZ, John Girvin and all others icon makers. Many thanks to Bored Seal, Codetapper, Cfou, Jeff, Psygore, Mick and the whole WHDLoad Team for fixing all those games ! ----- Frank. ----- PS : 2nd frame of Skweek icon was made by Psygore Operation Wolf icon was made in co-op with Codetapper. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -=[ Call those BBS ]=- The JOTD Patch & HD Installers Page WHDLoad Support Page Action Web Headquarters (Codetapper) Psygore's Home Page --------------------------------------------------------------------------- PygmIconsRI_G1 contents : 3DPool_ROM_WHD 5thGear_ROM_WHD AddamsFamily_a_WHD AddamsFamily_b_WHD AkiraROM1_WHD AkiraROM2_WHD AlienIIIROM_JST ArabianNights_ROM_WHD BartVsMutantsGameROM_WHD BartVsMutantsIntroROM_WHD BatmanReturnsROM_WHD BlastarROM_WHD BodyBlowsROM_WHD BonanzaBrosROM_WHD BubbleBobbleROM_WHD BugDashROM_WHD BuggyBoyROM_WHD Bump'n'Burn_ROM_WHD Cardiaxx_ROM_WHD ChessMaster2000ROM1 chessmaster2000ROM2 ChuckieEgg2_WHD ClikClak_ROM_WHD ComboRacer_ROM_WHD CyberBlastROM_WHD DarkmereROM_WHD F15StrikeEagle2ROM_WHD Ghosts'n'Goblins_ROM_WHD HuckleberryHound_ROM_WHD Indy3Action_ROM_WHD JamesPond2_ROM_WHD JoeBlade_ROM_WHD Jump'n'Roll_ROM_a_WHD Jump'n'Roll_ROM_b_WHD Kikstart2ROM_WHD LureOfTemptressROM_JST MajorMotion_ROM_WHD MoonshineRacers_ROM_WHD Motorhead_ROM_WHD NickyBoomIIROMA_WHD NickyBoomIIROMB_WHD NickyBoomROM_WHD NucleusROM_WHD ObsessionROM_WHD OperationWolf_ROM_WHD PacManiaROM_WHD PuffysSaga_ROM_WHD Puzznic_WHD R-TypeROM_WHD RampageROM_a_JST RampageROM_b_WHD ScreamingWings_ROM_WHD SDI_ROM_WHD Speedball2_ROM_WHD Starglider_ROM_WHD SuperCars2_ROM_WHD SWOS_ROM_WHD TopCat_ROM_WHD TurboTrax_ROM_WHD Turrican3_ROM_WHD VizROM_WHD Wizkid_ROM_WHD WolfchildROM_JST WonderboyInMonsterlandWHD WWF_WHD_ROM_WHD Zool2_ROM_WHD
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