short : A very cool NewIcons set for ProWBLite. uploader : malcomn gmx net (Malcomn) type : pix/icon architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 130.28K Date : 30-Jan-99 Download : 💾
--------------------------- Pro Lite Icons by Malcomn --------------------------- >>>>These icons need the NewIcons v3/4 patch<<<<< This archive is a BIG update to my previous ones, and it is also the first Aminet release! A whole bunch of icons have been added since the latest release on the ProWB homepage. I will continue to update the archive sporadically. I have not much spare time anymore to spend on creating icons, so you'll just have to have a little patience. Some of these icons are just redesignes of already existing ProWB icons, others are composed of bits and pieces from other ProWB icons, some are `bugfixed' versions from icons from other packages by different authors. And there are ofcourse some own designs present 8). I use the icons in the `DefIcons' drawer with DOpus 5 filetypes. I use DOpus as a WorkBench replacement (BUY DOpus 5.8 and try it, you won't regret it!!!), so I'm free to makeup any deficons I want for an unlimited number of files. Just to say that they probably won't be used by the `DefIcons' patch that comes with NewIcons V4 - unless you modify the prefs file accordingly ofcourse 8). If all the icons look like little squares you need to install the fabulous NewIcons patch which can be found in aminet:util/wb or on the ProWb support site. The ProLite basic set (with all the standard system icons in the same style can be found in the aminet:pix/icon subdirectory or in the ProWb support site at: When installing these icons make sure you don't simply copy the icons over the old ones, this will result in loss of essential Tooltypes. You should use the copynewicon utility from the NewIcons archive. Many thanks must go to Eric for pointing out to me that I used the wrong shadow pen with my icons and therefore the RemoveAA utility didn't work properly on my icons. Thanks Eric for correcting them! (Remember to use the Grey150 color for the shadows!) If there are still any problems concerning this, don't hesitate to e-mail me! Finally, ALL the credits must go to Eric, for without him there would be no ProWB!!! I hope you like this pack 8)... Drop me a mail if you do, subject: "ProWB packages". Be seen' ya! Malcomn e-mail: ------------------------------------------------- Jan 28 1999
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