short : Replacements for checkmarks and radio buttons in MUI. Looks better. author : (Rune Jacobsen) uploader : runej idgonline no (Rune Jacobsen) type : pix/icon architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 3.26K Date : 19-Jul-96 Download : 💾
Okey, here's the deal. I got sick of those damn radio buttons and checkmarks looking better on Windows 95 than on MUI. "For shame", I hear you cry. Yeah, I agree and stuff, but those radio buttons and checkmarks...they are so.. bloated..or something. Anyway, these are designed not to look like the button is the main feature of the page...rather fit in naturally and stuff. As you can see, I am not a graphics artist. I just did this because I felt like it. Feel free to make better ones or something. And I don't want anything for it, because that would be silly...but use them and stuff. There might be a bug, tho...the background in the checkmarks isn't transparent like it should be. AFAIK it should be..maybe a bug in MUI, who knows. Anyway, this is like one more step towards the best GUI system. Yeah, that's the ticket, and it's only like 3kB anyway, so you can download it...chicken? Installation is easy...just do like this or something: lha x NewMUIButtons.lha MUI:Images Then just enter the MUI program, the buttons page, select Checkmark or Radio button and image, then just go to the Shitlips drawer and select one. I have heard that some people have trouble with this and you may have to reboot before you select the buttons in MUI. Oki, that's all, apple cake with ice cream is up. Rune Jacobsen Shitlips @ #AmigaCafe / Undernet
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