short : MushWB v1.0 AmigaOS MWB Iconset (300) author : Booze@Videotron.CA uploader : Booze Videotron CA type : pix/icon version : 1.0 requires : Duh Workbench, Registered MagicWB. architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 509.57K Date : 7-Oct-98 Download : 💾
Includes: About 300 AmigaOS (SYS partition) Icons. ALL the IFF pics used to create them. ALL icons are the same size. Notes: - No installer is included, get yourself copyicon or whatnot; - All stacksizes have been set to 8000 and all tooltypes have been removed. - All icons are 3 bitplanes deep, set you WB colors properly or use DoIcon to remap them to 5 bitplanes. Well, I've finally decided that this set of re-drawn MWB icons is ready. This is probably the most complete set (I recall only the CD-Dosdriver is missing) of MWB icons (excluding drawer images) that you'll find. Yes you'll find sets with more icons, but each and every one of the icons in THIS set is decent looking; there are maybe 20 alternates, and a few that I don't like much, but these are MWB versions of existing ugly icons, like the PowerWB icon (how do you represent the WB anyway, well, maybe I'll do one later). Why yet another set of MWB icons? Well, for one, I found that the double or triple borders that the original MWB used were giving me headaches; all you could see were borders all over, you had to concentrate to find an icon in this mess. There are NO borders on these icons, the WB already draws the only one you need, and even the MWB creator realized this when he created his MWB -device- icons. Besides this, you get a complete set of brand new preferences icons, with a much smaller and better looking question mark (the standard MWB's QM is on steroids it's way too big) as well as the best looking DOSDriver icons around; check them out they really are cool! As you'll soon discover, most of the images used to create these icons have been originally drawn by other people, give them the credits for MushWB. Future releases will include Application icons, maybe drawer icons, and a NewIcon version that remaps color zero for the noiconborder patch. You should be a registered owner of MagicWB to use these.
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