short : 114 Macintosh Icons converted to GlowIcons uploader : Markus "yelworC" Pflaumbaum type : pix/icon version : 1.0 requires : OS 3.5+ architecture : generic distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 181.83K Date : 5-Oct-02 Download : 💾
=============== MacGlow Icons =============== This archive contains 114 glowicons ripped from various applications, games and tools running on my Macintosh emulation. You will need AmigaOS3.5 or higher to use these icons. A GFX-card is recommended for best viewing results. Feel free to use them as you want... ;) Contact: Or connect your faourite IRC-client to: #digiboosterpro #amiga My nickname is yelworC in both channels. (In fact it's @yelworC most of the time ;) ========= History ========= Date Version Comment --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2002-09-25 1.0 First public release.
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