short : Icons for 3.5" Magneto-Optical disks author : Icons by Junji Morokuma and others, Amiga "conversion" by Mark Knibbs uploader : mark_k iname com type : pix/icon architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 103.93K Date : 29-Mar-99 Download : 💾
Junji Morokuma has made a collection of Macintosh icons for MO disks. These icons were converted to PNG format by Robert Niessner, and from PNG to IFF-ILBM by myself. I have written this AmigaGuide document to allow easy viewing. Use your favourite image conversion program to convert the IFF-ILBM images to Workbench icons. The original Macintosh-format collection, which may be of interest if you use a Mac emulator, can be found at:
Zum Live Linux: