short : IconSet (16-colour icons AGA-machines only) author : (Jacek Buczaniewicz) uploader : jbuczani novell zarz agh edu pl type : pix/icons architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 301.71K Date : 12-Jul-95 Download : 💾
Here is package that contains 16-col. icons for AGA machines. This archive contains ProcurePens program written by Joseph Luk. For its registration see doc files in archive ProcurePens/ProcurePens.LHA. This software was originally placed on Aminet. You can find in this archive some presets for pointers.In this archive you can also find one preview image of my Workbench screen. Icons are designed to use in proportional modes( 640x515, 640x480 etc.). Enjoy. Jacek Buczaniewicz E-mail adress:
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