short : New great clean-looking icon standard package author : (Peter Bornhall) uploader : bornhall karkis canit se (Peter Bornhall) type : pix/icon architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 164.87K Date : 21-Mar-96 Download : 💾
Iconite is a package consisting of material and guidelines to creating a new standardized looking set of icons. The Iconite icons are much more cleanly designed than the MagicWB icons, for example. If you have tired of the MWB look with all the gradients making it look all messed up, and you don't like the isometric square look of NewIcons, take a look at Iconite. YOU MIGHT JUST LOVE IT! Iconite was put together by Peter Bornhall (
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