short : Toolbar images for GoldED author : uploader : algy bigfoot com type : pix/icon version : 2.0 Second public release requires : Golded 4 or higher (for the toolbar) architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 35.42K Date : 19-Jan-99 Download : 💾
© Copyright Ann L Goonan 1999 This is a package of images for your Golded 4+ toolbar. Adding to the few which reflected the functions I have installed in my own Golded toolbar (released in version one) there are some more colourful ones that reflect other functions. I was very proud and happy to see that Dietmar Eilert, the author of Golded, had included my first package on his website. I hope this second release will replace it. ------------------------------ | DISCLAIMER AND LEGAL STUFF | ------------------------------ I am not responsible for any damage this packeage may cause to your hard drive, your computer, or yourself :-) This archive is Copyright Ann L Goonan 1999, and as such may not be fiddled with in any way. Altering the images is not allowed unless you remove this documentation first. Anyone found passing these images off as their own work......... Well, I fart in your general direction ;-)) ENJOY!
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