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My dear friend Cliff Leckey produced this animation on Deluxe Paint IV using WinUAE on a Windows Vista PC. When I first met Cliff and his wife Jean in the early 2000s, we discovered we both had a love for Amiga computers, depiste the popularity of Windows PCs at the time. We soon became great friends. Cliff had sold his motorbike and bought an Amiga 1200, which he regularly used to create animations in Deluxe Paint, recording them to VHS tape using a GenLock. Often he would use ClariSSA to produce titles for his various holiday videos. I was regularly called on when he had a problem with his Amiga. I called on him too when I had a problem with my motorbike! Eventually he got a PC, and the Amiga was moved up to the loft. But he still loved to work on the emulator, which of course enabled him to produce animations at a far faster rate than he ever did with his 1200. Cliff's last video he produced was the JetAnim, which I uploaded to Aminet shortly before he died. Cliff used the emulator to transfer his animations to a PC format, and then used sound recording software to add sound effects and dialogue to his animations. This video has no sound effects or speech added to it, although had he been alive to finish it properly, I have no doubt he would have done that. He has also produced other Bible animations, one of the days of creation, with sound effects and narration from the book of Genesis, and another Bible animation which is my favourite, entitled, How Much Do You Know? I still have these two on the computer, but only in FLV format. If anyone is interested, I can send them a copy.
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