short : LEGO TIE-Fighter scene for Lightwave 5 author : Klearchos Gourgourinis (Muadib) uploader : muadibas25 hotmail com (Muadib) type : pix/3dobj version : 1.0 architecture : generic distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 398.84K Date : 12-Mar-18 Download : 💾
ABOUT ----- This archive contains objects, textures and scenes of the LEGO TIE-Fighter scene by Relics, our Demogroup, that won the Wild Competition at the GERP 2018 Demoparty. The complete video can be watched here: DETAILS ------- This scene setup contains LEGO parts that are compatible wht each other and can be used for other LEGO projects as well. The parts were built in Modeler in real scale, measured using a vernier caliper. REQUIREMENTS ------------ A fast Amiga with at least 32 MB of Fast Ram and a working LightWave 5.0 installation. The scenes and objects could be working on earlier or later LW versions in other platforms, although I haven't tested it. INSTALLATION ------------ Just extract the archive into your 3D: directory. COPYRIGHT --------- You are free to use the objects or scenes for your renderings, as long as you mention the respective creators in your credits, if you plan on uploading images or animations on the internet. The archive may not be uploaded neither as a whole or in parts to other repository other than Aminet unless you ask me first. Feel free to mail me if you liked it or have any questions, I'd be happy to help! Happy renderings, Klearchos Gourgourinis a.k.a. Muadib Email: Vimeo channel: Youtube channel: Join the 'Amiga Raytracing Society' on FB!
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