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"MusicMaker V8" ("MMV8") is a sample-based music editor I started as a hobby project in 1986. It was (much) later published in France and the German speaking parts of Europe by Data Becker (V1.76) and - regrettably - Wolf Software (V2.358, Germany only). This is version 3 which dates back to late 1992 and was never published as a commercial product. MMV8 is not "just another tracker". The music system is more flexible and uses a lot less memory. The ground layer are "macros" which - unlike "patterns" in trackers - apply to a single channel only. Those "macros" are then put in a playing order, which is called a track. As MMV8 provides up to eight audio channels, up to eight tracks can be set up. MMV8's 8-channel-engine, despite dating back to 1989/90, is very fast and, if I may say so myself, very sophisticated. All channels are capable of playing at different volume levels. Although published as late as in 1991, MMV8 was in fact still the first program on the market offering that feature. Furthermore, the engine offers two modes, separately selectable for each hardware channel. The "GOOD" method is for high quality output, while the "FAST" method uses an advanced downsampling algorithm and through that is fast enough to allow using it for background music in games, even on a standard 68000-based Amiga. MMV8 includes a - considering its time - feature-rich sample editor and supports digitizing new samples. It is compatible with many digitizers of the era, eg the GVP DSS8+. Samples can be compressed ("packed") using a variation of the Fibonacci compression algorithm, with selectable compression rates up to 50%. (While at 50% the compression is, of course, quite audible, one hardly notices it at 75%.) Other features include - ARexx port - MIDI support for key input - horizontal interface, complete macros on screen. - English or German user interface (OS2.1+) SDK, sources for players and a few demo tunes are included. Version 3.0 had a lot of improvements over the versions published earlier. Notably, it now can save tunes in single files ("modules"). (The previous split-file system is still supported, of course.) How to install: MM back then came on three disks. While until version 3.03, the Aminet distribution kept this scheme, as of 3.04 MMV8 is distributed in a single large archive. To install, un-archive to a temporary directory and run "Install-MM" from Workbench. Minimum requirements: - 1 MB memory - OS 1.3 Please note that MMV8 is not under active development, nor does it aim to be in any way "state of the art". It's a piece of history - my history. In 2017, I ran it for the first time after approximately 25 years, and since then - simply out of pure nostalgia - added some minor features, fixed bugs and adapted some usability issues to today's expectations (eg mouse wheel support). Not because of advancing it, but just "because I can". Revision history: Version 3.04: - Three-disk-scheme dumped in favor of a single lha archive for distribution - Improved installer script (better error handling; Eagle- and Deliplayers now also installed; no more MM-Startup in WBStartup; SD: and IN: assigns dropped; etc.) - MM2PCM utility added to distribution (see Aminet's MMV8_2_PCM package) - MM, Wurlitzer: Filerequester now properly supports relative paths (for whatever it's worth..) - Minor cosmetic changes Version 3.03: - MM: MIDI support extended: - Supports some MIDI controllers for special functions (see READ.ME) - Better key buffering - MM: Fix glitch in 4 channel player on some 68060 based systems (Fix contained in all replayers & libraries) - MM: Fix File Requester (sometimes non-filesystem devices showed up as selectable devices.) - MusicMakerReceiver: Fixes for 68040+. - Mouse wheel support where useful - Other minor changes Version 3.02: - MM: Several enhancements to the File Requester. Also, MM can now handle filenames up to 108 characters in length. - MM: When loading an instrument in instrument editor, shift-clicking on a file in the file requester now auditions that file. Choosing an instrument was never that comfortable. - MM: Fix a nearly 30 year old bug when loading compressed IFF-8SVX samples. - MM: Bugfix: Mouse-pointer was updated too often in Track-Editor. - MM: On NTSC-machines, the main screen is now an autoscroll screen, not an interlaced one. - MM: Several text changes, updated german catalog - MM: New drawing routines for LFO curves and the EXT-downsampling table - MM: New way of defining the downsampling table in EXT-mode for FAST channels in Preferences; I hope this clarifies what that actually does. - mmv88.library: Undo 3.01 change of disabling FAST mixing method. This was not the right thing to do. - Several other changes under the hood. - Fix Developer-archive; was lha'd instead of lharc'd, failed to install in 3.01. Version 3.01: - MM: Fix ignored disabled macros in MacEd - MM: Default to doing nothing instead of Overwriting in Tracks - MM: Watch all (not just CustEd) channels play if interlace screen is available. - mmv88.library: Disable "FAST" mixing method on 68020+ - mmv88.library: Remove "CachePreDMA" calls, they were not required. Lots of sample tunes available at Copyright notice: MusicMaker V8 is herewith declared freeware. I do have, as a matter of fact, all necessary licenses. Q: Why is the program called "V8", when it is only version 3? A: 8 refers to the number of channels available. "V8" is a playful reference to the world of motor engines, where that term usually has the aura of luxury and grandness.
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