short : Improved Darth Vader's 4-ch MMD3 Theme! author : (Helge Kvalheim uploader : hkva2 online no (Helge Kvalheim) type : mods/misc replaces : mods/misc/VadersTheme.lha requires : 68k/PPC-Amiga, AHI, XPK compressor, MED/OctaMED libraries, Hippo/OctaMEDPlayer, OMSS architecture : generic distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 148.84K Date : 3-Oct-18 Download : 💾
Star Wars Darth Vader's Theme (HKvalhe's Amiga Edition) @ 2018 By HKvalhe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Theme of Darth Vader's apperance is a 4-channel, dark and Ambient Sith tune from the famous Star Wars universe you hear in the movies and games. The Amiga version is incredible realistic, using high quality samples from Walkabout Music Samples collection in OctaMED SoundStudio. A voice sample of Darth Vader's breathing is also included in the end sequence. Even I am very impressed with the end result of this amazing Star Wars track, and all that on the AMIGA! Now THAT's special, and that truly says something! So here it is! The theme of Darth Vader, composed by me - Helge Kvalheim on my AmigaOne 500 aka SAM460ex. Hope you'll like it as much as I do :) Inspired from the original Darth Vader Theme composed by John Williams Amiga version composed by Helge Kvalheim from Bergen City of Norway
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