short : Improved Palace Gardens MMD3 MOD! author : (Helge Kvalheim uploader : hkva2 online no (Helge Kvalheim) type : mods/misc replaces : mods/misc/PalaceGarden.lha requires : 68k/PPC-Amiga, AHI, XPK compressor, MED/OctaMED libs, Hippo/OctaMEDPlayer, OMSS architecture : generic distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 67.04K Date : 5-Oct-18 Download : 💾
Ninja Remix Palace Gardens @ 2018 By Helge Kvalheim - Norway ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The track Palace Gardens is a 4-channel Asian Ambient mixture of flutes and violins as close as to the original C64 version, done by Ben Daglish. This is the Amiga version meant for Ninja Remix. While this track can never be as good as the original C64 version, it is hopefully as close as one can get to the original. At least faithful and modern as possible for an Amiga version. Amiga is a great music computer, even for the 21th century! I'm proud of my work ;) Thank you for your ongoing support and for listening to my music. Original C64 track of Palace Gardens composed by Ben Daglish Modernized and slightly modified Amiga version by Helge Kvalheim
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