short : PT module (VBLANK/CIA). atmospheric/orchestral(?) author : (MaXyM of Credo & Casyopea) uploader : mxm_crd student uci agh edu pl (MaXyM of Credo & Casyopea) type : mods/maxym architecture : generic Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 506.43K Date : 24-Oct-95 Download : 💾
Next module in atmospherical style. Next and - I think - the last. Damn! This theme in my mind was so better then PT version. It is acceptable as music done on synths. But on 4-channel tracker is NOT same as I have thought. Well... I'm back to the roots: to a demo style music. And actualy will be dosk-pop. Yea! Lizardking styles is cool and most people likes it. So, nxt mod in MXM's doskpop style (like Virtual Friendship) commin' soon MaXyM/CRD & CSA
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