short : RiVA MPEG player author : Stephen Fellner, Henryk Richter uploader : Renaud Schweingruber type : gfx/show version : 0.53 architecture : m68k-amigaos distribution : Aminet Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 898.07K Date : 3-Mar-18 Download : 💾
This is the latest update to the fastest MPEG player available on the classic 68k Amiga platform. It is based on the work of Stephen Fellner and László Török, extended by a lot of additional improvements in terms of runtime performance and audio/visual quality. RiVA served as the prominent testcase in the development cycle of the Apollo Core AMMX instruction set extension. Two binaries are provided in this archive, a classic m68k compatible build (68040+) and an AMMX build, exclusive to Apollo Core Gold 2.7 and newer. The changes since version 0.50 are too numerous to mention in detail. Here is a brief overview: - AMMX usage in motion compensation, residual transform, color conversion - multibuffered SAGA YUV video output - Stereo sound output - audio/video sync - automatic enabling of 44/48 kHz sound output when P96 with 31 kHz AmigaVideo environment variable and ECS denise are present - relaxation of internal data paths, avoidance of unnecessary data copies - 16 Bit windowed mode quality improvement, along with ordered dithering - borderless windowed mode (Flype) Input steams / Quickstart: The input format supported by RiVA is MPEG-1 program streams. Modern video formats can be converted to MPEG-1 using tools like ffmpeg or mencoder. Examples (assuming 16:9 aspect ratio content): ffmpeg -i source.mp4 -vcodec mpeg1video -filter:v scale=640:360 -b:v 1500k -bf 3 -ac 2 -acodec mp2 -b:a 128k dest_640x360.mpg mencoder -of mpeg -mpegopts format=mpeg1:tsaf:muxrate=1500 -o dest_640x360.mpg -aid 1 -vf scale=640:360 -ofps 24 -oac lavc -ovc lavc -lavcopts acodec=mp2:abitrate=128:vcodec=mpeg1video:vbitrate=1500:keyint=15:mbd=2:aspect=16/9:vmax_b_frames=3 source.mp4 RiVA should work well with default settings and the aforementioned encoding parameters on Apollo Core Gold2. For optimal runtime performance, use full screen on SAGA RTG (make sure, you have active screenmodes with 16 Bit depth), along with Paula audio output. AHI sound output will considerably slow down the player. Windowed mode on Workbench will also be much slower than the fullscreen mode. Some additional performance improvement is possible by lower audio quality (e.g. commandline arguments AUDIOFREQDIV=2 AUDIOQUALITY=0). Source code, licensing and building notes: The full source code is included, covered by the GNU general public license. The AGA and CGX renderers (unused in Apollo build) are available with dual licensing (GPL or MIT). The only assembler supporting the extended Apollo instruction set is VASM. At least version 1.7h of VASM is required. Use the -devpac mode of VASM. Selection between the pure 68k build and the apollo build can be done with the APOLLO_CLIP master switch (0/1).
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