short : Mandelbrot & Julia fractals rendering author : Dino Papararo (Dino_Papararo@Alice.It) / Edgar Schwan ( uploader : Dino Papararo (Dino_Papararo Alice it) type : gfx/fract version : 1.7 (18-Jun-2018) replaces : FlashMandelNG_OS4.lha requires : AmigaOS4 PPC platforms with or without Altivec extensions architecture : ppc-amigaos => 4.0 Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 38.79M Date : 19-Jun-18 Download : 💾
Full functional program for rendering Mandelbrot & Julia fractals with different exponents. Developed under WINUAE x64 & AmigaOS 4.1FE, supports AmigaOS4.x PowerPc machines or compatible systems. Uses new Reaction GUI, Arexx port, Localization, Arbitrary precision math and don't need any installer, just click 'n run! C sources are also included and you can recompile it just typing MAKE! It's fast even on emulated Amigas and can render even with direct memory access (TURBO OPTION), ..under WinUAE it's faster than many others x86 native fractal programs ;-) Saved pictures can be reloaded and further explored at all supported screen's resolutions. It's really cool and totally free ;-) FlashMandelNG_OS4 is Giftware, If you like it please sent nice goodies to author just like gold medals, bitcoins, euros or us dollars ;-)) ..A common postcard is ok too! New in this version: Fixed Arexx path issue (Edgar Schwan) Fixed AmigaGuide launch command inside the program Now Altivec version has more "modules" optimized for vector unit, ie: multiprecision math To Do: AmigaOne Tabor A1222 specific SPE version Use multiple precision math as default and use hardware fpu until underflow/overflow limits are reached Implement GMP multiprecision libraries Enable Benchmark Mode to test speeds of different Amiga platforms Update the very old documentation Tested and developed under WinUAE emulator, so many many thanks to Toni Wilen for his GREAT efforts :-) Many many thaks and greetings also to my friend Edgar Schwan (CoDeveloper). Please let me know if Altivec version runs fine in this new version, "Bottomless wonders spring from simple rules, which are repeated without end." cit. Benoit Mandelbrot Enjoy, Amiga Rulez!
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