short : GUI driven optical character recognition author : Christoph Szczecina uploader : kyynel freenet de (Christoph Szczecina) type : gfx/conv version : 0.39 architecture : i386-aros Filetype : application/zip Size : 549.85K Date : 25-Feb-07 Download : 💾
.. ... ...... z: n __________ : ......../_________e:::::::::::::: / /: : .:: /::.......:::::: ----------' -u:uuu----/_______/ ::. : : ===== G ::::: O ===== C ===== R ===== This is my AROS port of the optical character recognition program called GOCR. Same as the original sources this package is available under the GNU General Public License. For further information about the original package please visit: The port is based on GOCR 0.39 and includes an additional Zune version with native GUI aswell as added JPEG support, which isn´t available in the original package. Especially the Zune version is far from beeing complete, and tends to crash. I lost the interest on this project a while ago, but don´t want it to get lost so I am releasing it AS IT IS. Maybe someone else can give it some additional love.. Original package was created by Joerg Schulenburg, see README for original credits. AROS/ZUNE and JPEG support added by Christoph Szczecina [craid^haujobb]. The icon and the ascii-art have been contributed by d980 and chosenf. The binary archive contains the x86 executables gocr-aros.exe [cli] and zune-gocr.exe [gui]. The source archive contains all sourcefiles including DevCpp project files as Zune-GOCR was fully developed in AmiDevCpp.
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