short : CLI converter for camera raw files author : Dave Coffin uploader : olivier tigreat gmail com (Olivier Tigreat) type : gfx/conv version : 8.89 architecture : i386-aros Filetype : application/zip Size : 574.60K Date : 28-Nov-08 Download : 💾
dcraw.c -- Dave Coffin's raw photo decoder Copyright 1997-2008 by Dave Coffin, dcoffin a cybercom o net This is a command-line ANSI C program to convert raw photos from any digital camera on any computer running any operating system. No license is required to download and use dcraw.c. However, to lawfully redistribute dcraw, you must either (a) offer, at no extra charge, full source code* for all executable files containing RESTRICTED functions, (b) distribute this code under the GPL Version 2 or later, (c) remove all RESTRICTED functions, re-implement them, or copy them from an earlier, unrestricted Revision of dcraw.c, or (d) purchase a license from the author. The functions that process Foveon images have been RESTRICTED since Revision 1.237. All other code remains free for all uses. *If you have not modified dcraw.c in any way, a link to my homepage qualifies as "full source code". $Revision: 1.406 $ $Date: 2008/11/26 08:39:39 $ For all information about dcraw, please see Dave Coffin's page: AROS port by Olivier Tigreat ========================== History for Aros version ========================== 2008-11-27 v8.89 New version. Still NO_LCMS. 2008-09-18 v8.88 New version. Still NO_LCMS. 2008-08-19 v8.87 New version. Still NO_LCMS. 2008-04-08 v8.85 New version. SSE2 and normal version are now in the same archive. Still NO_LCMS. NO_JPEG is useless as soon as compiler is called with -ljpeg :) Note: I have the feeling that the default settings used by this 8.85 version produce warmer images than before? 2008-03-06 v8.83 New version. Still NO_JPEG and NO_LCMS. 2008-02-07 v8.82 New version. Still NO_JPEG and NO_LCMS. 2007-12-10 v8.81 New version. Still NO_JPEG and NO_LCMS. 2007-11-16 V8.80 New version. Still NO_JPEG and NO_LCMS. Thanks to Robert Norris, removed the dependancy to LGPL introduced with version 8.79. Code cleaned further ;) 2007-11-09 V8.79 New version. Thanks to Michal Schulz, AROS now supports SSE2 (SVN-revision 27158, 2007-11-08 nightly build and later: DON'T TRY WITH OLDER VERSION OF AROS BECAUSE IT WILL CRASH!!!) so I've compiled dcraw with SSE2 and it's faster (10% to 20%) so use it preferably if your processor is SSE2 capable (btw qemu emulates SSE2). Still no jpeglib.h and lcms.h. Code cleaned (all AROS stuff is put in dcraw-aros.h). 2007-08-09 V8.77 New version of dcraw, compiled with the same limitations about jpeglib.h and lcms.h as before. 2007-06-21 V8.75 Second release. At last I was able to include ArosTCP's netinet/in.h so there should not be endianess problems anymore (thank you Massimiliano!). Well, I'm still not able to include compiler/libjpeg/main/jpeglib.h nor contrib/gfx/lcms/include/lcms.h without having a "Bad loadfile hunk" in Aros. There is no bug without those, but a (very little) few features less. 2007-06-15 V8.75 First release. Known bug: endianess problem with Kodak DCS520C files (bad replacement of netinet/in.h definitions) ================================ Important notes for Aros users ================================ The stack MUST be set at a very high value (I type 'stack 500000' in the shell before launching dcraw) or it will crash. Conversion of big raw files requires a great amount of available ram... about 256GB for 16 megapixels cameras... or dcraw will put an error message about main() not having enough memory. dcraw will convert your files to pnm or tiff. As described on Dave Coffin's page, you can pipe the output to cjpeg ( ) to convert to jpeg: just try "dcraw -c crw_0001.crw | cjpeg > crw_0001.jpeg" in the shell. Alternatively, you can now use netpbm tools which were ported to Aros by Stanislaw Szymczyk: it can handle many other convertions like png and so on. See . ======== Thanks ======== Thanks to Dave Coffin for this wonderful tool. Thanks to Massimiliano Scarano (mscarano a libero o it) and Domenico Lattanzi (domenico o lattanzi a domenicolattanzi o it) for the AmigaOS port and for having let their changes appearing clearly in the sources. Please look for to get their AmigaOS executables and AmigaGuide documentation. Thanks to the AROS Team for the most promising OS. Uploaded using:
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