short : Time-unlimited version of ANIM>GIFANIM! author : (Felix Schwarz) uploader : bs168 fen baynet de (Felix Schwarz) type : gfx/conv architecture : m68k-amigaos Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 85.00K Date : 31-May-97 Download : 💾
ANIM>GIFANIM-2.3-Documentation ------------------------------ (c)96-97 by Felix Schwarz Welcome to V2.3 of the first ANIM>GIFANIM-converter for the AMIGA!! Well, first I want to say sorry, because I haven`t placed new versions of ANIM>GIFANIM on my homepage. Well, and I`ve also lost some mails by a crash, so please resend your mail. This converter is FREEWARE! Copy it to anyone you want. This release doesn`t have many improvments, but you`ll see that there are many "new" functions :-). Well, there`s no more a time limit. And the programs containing LZW-code were also removed. You have to download them seperatly from Aminet at: +------------------------------------+ | | | gfx/conv/WhirlGIF201.lha [30 KB] | | gfx/pbm/ppmbin1.lha [643 KB] | | | +------------------------------------+ Simply copy the files WhirlGIF and ppmtogif from the archives to the main-dir of ANIM>GIFANIM. That`s all you have to do. Then ANIM>GIFANIM should work as you know it from former releases. If you like to thank me for my work, or want to support me, you could for example register Ultraconv. You find more information about it at the following adresses. +-----------------------------------------+ | | | >>>> <<<< | | | +-----------------------------------------+ You can also download UConv from Aminet: gfx/conv/uconv16r.lha A preview to the features of the coming UConv 2.0 can be watched at the UConv-homepage. You`ll also need the two archives mentioned above for the GIF-saver. If you want to see new versions, send a support mail from my homepage. There you only have to enter your email-adress and click on a button. At this point I also want to thank you for your many support mails! My mailer had to do a lot of work. hehe :-) Around 120 mails arrived. But you can send more, ok ? :-) New in this version ------------------- - new ReqTools-Reqs (you`ll need reqtools.library in your libs-drawer) - program checks whether all files and dirs needed are there - a "bug-fix" against a bug in WhirlGIF (hope it works now on every machine!) How to use GIF-ANIMS in HTML-documents -------------------------------------- Simply include it as you already know it from normal GIF/JPEG-Pics.. e.g.: MYGIFANIM.GIF UConv Home-Page (MOVED!!!) -------------------------- The homepage from Ultraconv is now available at: It was COMPLETLY DONE on an AMIGA using Ultraconv 2.0BETA8 and MegaEd, some WWW-editing tools and Workbench Ed. I hope, you`ll enjoy it! Please note, that the old adress no more contains the homepage! You have always the right page with The adresses of the author -------------------------- Email: <-- prefer this adress Snail- Mail: Felix Schwarz Am Gründla 3 D-91074 Herzogenaurach Germany or to Firma Armin Schwarz Postfach 1516 D-91074 Herzogenaurach Germany Distribution & Disclaimer ------------------------- You may copy it as long as now changes are made to the program and its parts! You may not copy it for a fee higher than one US$ (1 US$). This program is freeware, so copy it as long as you want. Permission to copy it is given to all CD-series (Aminet CD,...) and magazines (when they send me a free copy of their magazine). The author cannot held responsible for any damages caused by using this program.
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