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This is part of the new rtgmaster release V42.0. rtgmaster is a library system to make GFX Board Compatible Game Coding easy. It supports : - Direct Access to the Video RAM - With some effort the code even runs on ECS/AGA (through c2p) - Supports nearly all WB Emulations (Does not support Retina WB Emulation...), including Support for CyberGraphX and Picasso96 - Alternatively to Direct Video RAM Access on a Screen (Fast) it also supports writing to a Workbench Window (Slower, though...) - PowerPC, using the WarpUP System from H&P. It also runs on plain 68k Systems, though (Fat Binary) - And much more This part of the archive is for the user. It contains Binaries and Demos. Note: If you use MCP, i recommend using at least Version MCP131B8. Earlier versions might use up too much ramlib stack. According to a user, this was fixed with Version MCP131B8. So i recommend at least this version. If problems still appear, i recommend installing MCPramlibpatch. This might also apply to MCP-Clones like MCX. The other rtgmaster archive is rtgmaster_dev.lha. The Developper Archive contains Autodocs and Includes for the library itself, this is the User Archive with only Binaries. V21 changes: - Important rtgCGX.library bugfix for 15/16/24 Bit Screens (there is not yet a program using rtgmaster in Truecolor mode, though, most games are these days still 8 Bit, if not to say all) - Workaround for CyberGraphX V41 R55 Bug concerning WaitBOVP. Doublebuffering will now work with the buggy CyberGraphX Version again. (Bugreport already sent). - Installer script finally fixed. V22 changes: - rtgCGX.library some minor updates New in second V22 version (sorry :) ) : - Problems with CopyRtgPixelArray call and Cybervision64 Board should now finally be fixed (so Tiny3D should now work on the CV64 also) V23 changes: - Problems with rtgmaster and MCP and similar tools finally solved (please delete libs:rtg/rtgPICA.library, for this sublibrary it is not yet solved... delete it even if you do not have a Picasso II... the rtgmaster installer now does not install rtgPICA.library automatically, you have to install it manually, if you still use the original Picasso II WB Emulation, and not CyberGraphX/P96 for Picasso II) - Some minor bugs in rtgAMI.library fixed - Speedup of Doublebuffering in rtgAMI.library of 2000% (only, if you use OS3.0/3.1) - Fixed Bug in Screenmoderequester (crash when a Screenmode was chosen using the Keyboard) - Default c2p directory now always is libs:rtgc2p - There probably will be a new version with faster/better ECS/AGA Support soon... V26 changes: - Fixed Buggy Init code that caused rtgmaster to crash on about 5% of Amigas (not on mine, because of that, the bug was unnoticed for a long time) - Added rtgP96.library which contains Doublebuffering for Picasso96. - Fixed "Double PAL Screenmode Bug" - Lots of internal stuff interesting for programmers only V27 changes: - Now runs again on AGA-only systems (sorry for this bug :( Fixed it) - Added info for people still having problems on AGA-only systems to the docs (some people have incorrect startup-sequences) - Added announcement for PPC rtgmaster version V32 changes: - Added PowerPC Support (optional) - Added Workbench Window + Public Screen Window Support - Added Softsprite Functions from Rady Marusa (thanks, Rady :) ) - Added MOUSEMOVE Support - This release runs on both PPC Systems and on Systems without PPC :) - Added new very fast c2p V34 changes: - Fixed PPCGetRtgMsg and PPCReplyRtgMsg V35 changes: - Workbench Window Mode: Added Support for programs that change their Palette while the game is running (up to now this only worked correctly on a Screen) - Workbench Window Mode: Optimized Color-Conversion function much, especially for PPC (thanks to Sam Jordan for the hint to use PPC ASM for this, and also thanks for the example sources he provided to me), but also for 68k. The Colors should also look more correct now - Some programs cannot run on a WB Window, as they change their colors TOO OFTEN for Color-Conversion to handle it. Rtgmaster contains now a special mode that enables the program to change the Workbench Palette (and reset it to the normal colors after Quit), if the "normal" method fails. Of course the normal method should be used if possible. That this "change of WB Colors" might be needed for some programs (Crystal3D...) is not the fault of rtgmaster, it is the fault of the Workbench Screen, that has a limit of how fast Colorchanges are allowed on the Workbench (Colorcycling for example will NOT work on Workbench Screen) - rtg_BusSystem now also recognizes AteoBus (Pixel64) and PCI (Inferno) - CV/3D is now correctly reognized as "Zorro 3" (was recognized as "Zorro 2" before), if present in a Zorro 3 System - Some small fixes and stuff V37 changes: - mainly bugfixes - to people who have still problems with ramlib i recommend using the MCPramlibPatch (a utility for your startup-sequence which raises the ramlib stack to 8 KB). can't check, if it helps, as no ramlib stack problems whatsoever appear on my system. ramlib stack problems also disappear on a PPC System, if WarpUP V14 is installed... it also does something that you have more ramlib stack available. V38 changes: - bugfixes (rtgCGX.library Bugfix and RtgSetFont Bugfix) - added vbcc-WarpOS Support to developper package V40 changes: - added RtgScreenToFront function for handling several RtgScreens at the same time - added RtgConvert function to convert RGB 24 Bit input to any 15-24 Bit format (both 68k and PPC) - Bugfix: CopyRtgPixelArray in rtgP96.library (the "Abuse problem") - Bugfix: Mousemove problem for rtgCGX.library V41 changes: - bugfixes - added MCPramlibpatch to archive (if you get ramlib crashes, include it to your startup-sequence... some people seem to have too much ramlib-consuming on their system installed. MCPramlibpatch raises the ramlib stack to fix this). - added info to the docs for people who have problems with the new FlashROM of PPC Boards or the CV/PPC Basically: For both: Install the WarpOS 3.1 archive which is available at: Then: echo >env:powerpc/TERMINATOR "2" echo >envarc:powerpc/TERMINATOR "2" This removes some unclean OS-Patches that are included in the latest version of the FlashROM. If you have a CV/PPC or BV/PPC you should also: echo >env:powerpc/force "1" echo >envarc:powerpc/force "1" echo >env:powerpc/gfxaddr "$e0000000" echo >envarc:powerpc/gfxaddr "$e0000000" This is needed as the CV/PPC is no Zorro-Board. You need only to do it once. Future versions of WarpUP will do it automatically with the Installer. Avoid starting ppc.library programs in your startup-sequence. Some of them (for example RC5-PPC) make rtgmaster not running anymore. Any complaints about this behaviour should go to Phase 5, not to me (if they remove the LoadSeg-Patch from the FlashROM again, those problems would disappear). V42 changes: - Bugfix GetRtgScreenData concerning MouseX/MouseY for rtgAMI.library (but better use RtgInitRDCMP for mouseposition anyways) - added rtgmaster<->Warp3D interface, see for more information (Warp3D is the new 3D standard for the Amiga, rtgCV3D.library was cancelled, as Warp3D is much better... Warp3D is for both 68k and PPC) - added possibility to access the Screen/Window structures of a RtgScreen, if present (see for more) - added new c2p module - hopefully fixed "16/24 Bit modes for rtgCGX.library on Cybervision Boards" Bug (Note: About env:powerpc-Variables concerning the FlashROM/CVPPC trouble... they are set automatically by the WarpUP 3.1 Installer, as i was now informed)
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