short : PPC/WarpOS c2p for rtgmaster author : uploader : MarcusTobias gmx de type : driver/video architecture : ppc-warpup Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 12.38K Date : 9-Jul-99 Download : 💾
Hi all WarpOS Users! Here is a PPC/WarpOS c2p for rtgmaster to boost up your games. The original of the c2p i found in the examples of PowerASM (voxelsapce) was coded by Sam Jordan. He wrote that the original code was from James McCoull. (Don`t know who of them did the PPC port). But special thanks to both of them. And I hope they dont mind :) Speed with WarpHeretic with Doublebuffering and AGA NTSC 320x200: fastest 040 c2p with 68040/25: 10-20 fps PPC/WarpOS c2p with 603e/160: 20-30 fps (context switches and PPC multitasking) but i think 68k games will be very faster with this c2p! Requirements: - PPC board - WarpOS - RtgMaster - Software needing my c2p :) Installation: copy the file RTGoesWarpOS to Libs:rtgc2p If it does not run or crash ... mail me :) Marcus Tobias
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