short : FrameMachine drivers (TV on WB etc.) author : (Stefan Robl) uploader : stefan qdev de (Stefan Robl) type : driver/video version : 1.25 architecture : m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 355.62K Date : 8-Apr-01 Download : 💾
Description ----------- FMdriver is a new driver system for the FrameMachine video-card from electronic-design. It is a completely rewritten driver and it features the fastest possible access-speed to the hardware. It is fast enough to watch television on the Workbench (PPC strongly recommended!) The driver and the TV-program are included as 68k and PPC-versions to provide optimum performance. The FMdriver archive contains several programs: FMBaseConfig -- A config-program which allows the easy configuration of the Prism24-display and digi-sizes. FMTV -- This program allows you to use the FrameMachine for watching television on the WB (!!). It also allows to configure the Prism24 so that you can watch TV over it. You additionally have the option to make snapshots from the video and save it as image to disk. FMInit -- A small tool which allows to initialize the FrameMachine with user-definable settings. It is very useful to copy this tool into the WBStartup drawer to auto-init the FM on boot. as alternative, you can also use FMInit from Shell. FMRecorder -- Record small movies directly to your harddrives! This program is also able to playback the recorded anims and also allows to convert them into single images. FMRecord -- This shell-program allows to record FMMovie anims directly to harddisk (like FMRecorder does). FMRecordDec -- This shell-program is a converter from the FMMovie file format into single images (same funtionality as FMRecorder, but useful for script-processing). FMGrab -- A small shell-program which allows to grab images and save them to file. PLEASE READ THE DOCS FOR FURTHER INFORMATION!!!!!! Requirements ------------ o FrameMachine video card, with or without Prism24 add-on o AmigaOS3.x (tested with 3.9) o About 2MB free RAM o 68020(+) o OCS, ECS or AGA (runs from 2 to 256 colors (!!) ) > For full image quality and speed you should have running > with CGX V3/V4 or Piccasso96 in 15 Bit or more Additionally you need for the PPC-Versions: o a PPC 603e/604e PowerPC accelerator board o WarpOS V3 or better Distribution ------------ FMdriver is GIFTWARE. If you use it, please send me a donation. History ------- V1.00: (15.08.1999) ** first public release ** V1.01 (20.08.1999) - fixed a small bug in the install-script V1.10 (29.08.1999) ** 2. public release ** - added global support for non-gfx-board Amigas (!!) - added the programs FMInit, FMGrab, FMRecord, FMRecordDec and FMRecorder V1.12 (01.09.1999) ** 3. public release ** - added the gadget "Filename style" to FMRecorder for more filename styles Thanks Lemmink, for this idea! - added a status requester (frames/fps) to FMRecorder for playback and recording - FMTV now closes the TVControl window, if you close with the right mouse button into the TV window - removed a "flicker-problem" in small resolutions (this caused also strange lines on some machines) Thanks to Rolf Wiessner and Ingo Nehls for reporting this problem! - added global support for the following image filetypes: PPM, PGM, IFF24, IFF8, IFF24c, IFF8c - The FMdriver was unable to work without a attached Prism24 board... sorry, hadn't tested this until Gernod Schomberg reported this... Thanks Gernod!! V.13 (16.01.2000) - added the option "NoBorder" to FMTV to have only the TV-picture on the WB - added menus to FMTV - introduced the double buffer mode of the FrameMachine (brings *major* speed increases!!) - added Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Red, Green, Blue correction functions to FMTV - added the "GrabbingCenter" to FMTV! Now there it is really easy to grab images out of videos! - added a lot of shortcuts to FMTV - FMRecorder now has anim-controls (pause, seek, ...) to have much better access to the recorded video - FMRecorder profits of the double buffer mode of the FrameMachine very much, too! V1.14ß (21.12.2000) ** 4. public release ** - made some smaller fixes over a long time period - now, my FrameMachine driver resides in a new library "newframemachine.library". Now there is no more need to use different versions for 68k and PPC! V1.25 (07.04.2001) ** 5. public release ** => changed _a_ _lot_, so perhaps I forgot something to mention here: - cleaned up the newframemachine.library a bit - added a new feature: configurations, now you can save and recall several different configurations you can create with FMBaseConfig; added this feature to all FMdriver applications - the driver now always uses the last used config as default - FMBaseConfig is now localized - changed the structure of FMBaseConfig to have all the new possibilities which became available with configurations enabled - the video-window of FMBaseConfig and FMRecorder always snaps to the right border of the main window - FMTV now is able to grab a picture from the tvwindow, prefswindow and grabcenterwindow just by pressing Thanks to Rolf Wiessner for this idea! - fixed an enforcer hit of FMTV - FMTV didn't use the filename for the image basename specified by the filerequester in the grabbing center. fixed. Thanks again, Rolf! - from now on, every application in FMdriver will have the same version number; this will help to ensure what version is installed... - updated the complete guide documentation so that the new features are also covered... hmm... writing documentation really needs *very* much time... :( - FMRecorder is now also able to make time-lapse animations - almost rewrote the documentations Author ------ Stefan Robl More infos about ArtecScan, the QBox, FMdriver, CGXBlanker, DPMSManager, AVL and my other Projects? Just visit my Homepage: Have fun!
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