short : CyberGraphX Version 3 RTG system author : Vision Factory Development uploader : aminet aminet net type : driver/video version : 41.22/r71 architecture : m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.0 Filetype : application/x-lzh-compressed Size : 573.81K Date : 5-Dec-08 Download : 💾
[ Note from Aminet admin: Uploaded with kind permission from Frank Mariak ] Welcome to CyberGraphX Version 3 Retargetable Graphics System by Vision Factory Development ©1997-1998 by phase5 digital products This is the freely available unlimited trial version of CyberGraphX 3. For more information on the CyberGraphX RTG system, how to get updates or the commercial CyberGraphX 4 CD, have a look at or visit the CyberGraphX WebPages at INSTALLERS: ----------- Two installers are included with the CGX archive. You should use the latest installer binary version 43.3. You can find this installer updated by Escom/AMIGA Technologies on Aminet, Installer-43_3.lha CGXV3_install ---------------------------------------------------------------- This will install CGX for the first time on a system. It will copy the correct libraries and files to the correct places. It also sets the tooltypes and environment variables required. You will need to know the MAX KHz for your monitor to set this correctly. CGXV3_Update ---------------------------------------------------------------- This will update your CGX V3 system to the current libraries and monitor files in the archive. CGXV3_Upgrade ---------------------------------------------------------------- This is not finished yet. This will allow you to upgrade from CGX V2 to CGX V3. The other 2 Installers will NOT upgrade your system. They are for updating V3 and a first time install. REPORTING BUGS: --------------- There is a webpage setup for reporting bugs directly to the CyberGraphX Authors. You can fill out the form fully with all your systems information. You can find it at: © STUFF: -------- CGX V3 ©1997-1998 by phase5 digital products CGX Docs/Installer/WebPages ©1994-1998 RCR & FM These are not phase5 works! You must have direct permission from FM/RCR for any type of use!
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