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This document attempts to provide some background information on the inner workings of the graphics library monitor data base, in specific how monitor drivers work (the files in DEVS:Monitors). The information contained herein should be considered as "curiosity" and not as technical documentation - the information on the display info database was not made publicly available by CBM, and probably for a reason. You may very well understand why after reading this.... There are indications that attempts were made to replace or update it, and the database as we find it as part of V40 of graphics has a couple of issues that seemed to have given enough motivation to keep its workings private and closed. Also enclosed is a program that parses the internal display info data base of graphics. Beware, this program does not follow good programming practice; it's mere purpose is to demonstrate how the graphics data is (dis-)organized internally. Do not use the algorithms in this program for your own work, but follow the documented interfaces of graphics, in specific GetDisplayInfoData().
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