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This guide is a reference about all the patches availables for amiga games, it (will) references all WhdLoad games, JST games, DaCoolPatcher, officials, and even illegal patched games! Today, game patches are a mode on amiga! each week, there are a lot of news! Here is the solution! What for? Hd patches are upgradable! so check now the version of your WHDload or JST/JOTD installed games... You still have uninstalled games??? impossible! This guide is in two archives!! agpg.lha The guide agpg_txt.lha All Patches readme! Version 5 - April 2000... Guide also provided in HTML now Changed the guide style! Updated WAREZ patches [33] JST/WHD for cracked games on the web, very cool! Updated JST collection [ALOT] Updated WHD collection [ALOT] Corrected a lot of errors, as usual :) and added some short details A lort of work since last update... and this is far from finnished! Check "News" if you don't believe me... Version 4 - May 1999 Opened the website for this guide!! Added a new part/pic about ROMICONS Corrected a lot of errors, as usual :) Corrected ABBADON patches (printed whd..) [12] Updated ABBADON collection [17] Updated JST collection [11] Updated WHD collection [23] Version 3 - April 1999 Updated all new WhdLoad patches until 29-march-99 [61] Updated all new JST patches until 03-april-99 [23] Updated all new ABBADON patches until 03-april-99 [5] Added more aminet misc patches [13] Added patches from the prog ManiacMan [17] Added some warez [6] Added a cool web url with a lot of installed games! JFFabre, the JST author congratulationned me Changed the Future part for the News part Added a HowToUpdateAPatch part Corrected the darkmere patch from JST site Corrected the dragon wars????? Corrected some minor bugs Version 2 - March 1999 Corrected all jst linked to whd. Added some warez!.. Added a note for the @{"free games downloadable" link FreeGames} cDBs Software contacted me to update their WinCommanderCD32 great patche Abaddon complained that his 155 JST patches wasn't here... there they are! And here are the Kaervek's one too... now the JST/WHDload family is completely here (about 200 new patches...) Version 1 - First realease This release references only WhdLoad game & JST patches at January99 !!!! plz wait for more patches... Readme created with ARC 3.0 - Copyright (c)1996-98 by Jens Weyer.
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